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Promise of Things to Come

ENCOM Press Release December 1984:

From the designers at WED Enterprises and programming geniuses at ENCOM Computers, prepare to enter a whole new Grid personally designed by Kevin Flynn. Take the trip you’ve always dreamed of in a place you never knew existed. No bags or travel plans needed just step into your local ENCOM Arcade and be transported to a world where limits do not compute!

TRON Geosphere, the is set between the original TRON & EPCOT Center’s opening and the events of 1989 leading up to TRON Legacy. As such, many design elements are a blend of the two films and the park. Everything from Color Scheme, Lighting and Technology has been (and will be) based off this principle. In this piece, The “TRON” logo art has been adapted to reflect the evolution between the original and Legacy editions, even the 45° angled “T” is a reference to the TRON 2.0 (the multi-award winning game credited with restarting the franchise).
In future releases, TRON Geosphere will reveal more vistas from inside the system and other areas of E82 will reveal the importance of The Grid to providing new solutions to the real World of the Future.

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