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Symbolic Discoveries

RECAP: Several months ago, I started working with our sponsor ENCOM International on a historical investigation into one of several side projects begun by visionary game designer and former ENCOM CEO Kevin Flynn. In a previous post, it was revealed that Kevin was developing a new system where people would be able to take Digital Vacations inside the computer. 

To facilitate such a complex investigation, I thought it would be a good idea to brush up on Kevin’s published books. In essence, get inside the mind of Flynn. While reading through a well worn copy of “Structure and Dynamics in ADVANCED COMPUTER PROGRAMMING”, I discovered something interesting on page 83…

In the process of designing new enterprises, it’s important to incorporate as many recognizable icons as possible. This can provide a user (or player) with a sense of unity and continuity in an otherwise unrecognizable space. In order to accomplish this with the systems of today creating strictly Black and White Images helps identify the user with simply created images. Lately I’ve been working on a massive project that should bring the worlds of the user and program closer together. A digital space where the people of this world can work live and play together. For this experience I needed a symbol that would draw people into the game; a vortex or horizon that would suck people into the world I’m creating. Ultimately, I looked to our art department to come up with a simple image that would bring these concepts and metaphors together, a kind of artistic jazz for the digital age.

Back inside ENCOM’s Corrupted data files, I’ve only been able to decode a (very) low res sketch from ENCOM’s publicity department (annotated by Flynn himself!) This is what I believe Kevin was referring too.. 

I’m sorry but that’s as clear as I can get it right now. Hopefully, further searches will reveal more soon.


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