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The Second System

RECAP: The history of ENCOM and the history of EPCOT have always been intertwined since the construction of the park. Founded in 1972, ENCOM Computers, provided many of the computer systems and controller units for many EPCOT Center attractions. Most notability, ENCOM provided many Computer Generated Effects for the Climax of Universe of Energy - and ENCOM also developed a demonstration of its famous digitizing effect that was later used at part of World of Motion’s Speed Room Finale.

Recently I received an email from a Key Executive deep inside of ENCOM...

Mr. Harris,

I’ve been reading your latest post and frankly I’ve been waiting for you to go into some… more challenging material. I’ve recently discovered some information in our archives that was scheduled for deletion by Ed Dillinger Jr. Based on your treatment of the material; I think E82 might be the right place for this type of investigative research.



During the final push to open EPCOT Center in 1982, ENCOM was very busy installing computer systems needed operate the many attractions of both Future World and World Showcase. At the time, ENCOM CEO Kevin Flynn was highly involved in the development and programming of the infrastructure needed to run the technologically advanced theme park. Kevin became extremely fascinated the concept of being able to control events all over the park from a satellite location. In addition, he also noticed the amount of the time, construction, and expense devoted to creating this new world of tomorrow. He began to theorize about the possibility of creating environments for people experience extraordinary vacations in completely unreal environments. “Digital Vacations, Man!”

Based on his experiences in ENCOM’s laser bay, Kevin was seriously considering developing the company’s digitizing process into a commercial technology. But, putting unknowledgeable users on the grid has serious ramifications for both the users and computer systems in the real world. Furthermore, the events and activities of tanks and lightcycles might be entertaining to a gladiator, but would be considered too intense for the average person. Something else would have to be invented.

Soon after completing EPCOT’s Computer Central, Flynn returned to Encom’s headquarters in California to continue building his Video Game/Operating System Empire. To say that Kevin was paranoid was an understatement. Because of his previous problems with intellectual properties, Flynn worked on his biggest projects “after hours” and his Digital Vacations idea would be one of those.

Up to this point, Flynn had only interacted with pre-existing electronic space built for users outside the system. The challenge would be the creation of completely digital architecture for use inside the system. In order to keep things simple Flynn decided to model this new system on a pre-existing space… [DATA INCOMPLETE FILE CORRUPTED]

I’m afraid that’s all the information I have all the rest of the data is on its own dedicated system. Thanks to my recent re-instatement, I’m a little more than busy restructuring the company at this point, so if there’s any help you can provide Sam and I would really appreciate it.


Alan Bradley
Chairman of the Board
ENCOM International

Soon afterward I expressed my interest and Bradley gave me "GROUP 5 Access" to the corrupted data files. (It’s weird that they haven’t changed their classifications in 30 years.) I’m currently working on the corrupted data and all information will find a home its own column...       




Reader Comments (2)

This is ingenious...Great job!!
I cant wait for more.

April 2, 2011 | Unregistered CommenteriAndy

This is one of the best sites that I have come across in a long time. I am reading the book about the electronic engineers that helped create EPCOT Center as we speak, so this information is all amazing!

April 4, 2011 | Unregistered Commentern_dew

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