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A Souvenir Soundtrack

Although by no means ancient history, it is becoming extremely difficult to remember a time when we couldn’t watch well-produced documentary-style footage of theme parks and attractions in High-Definition using only our thumbs. Yet, as alien as it may seem, not too long ago the only way one could experience theme parks inside the home was ether through the occasional TV Special on The Wonderful World of Disney, through our own less than stellar home movies, or the extremely rare Home Video release.

“EPCOT Center – A Souvenir Program” originally sold only in the park, provided a very brief overview of the “Newest Wonder of the World”. Utilizing, what was then, newly shot b-roll, the 21-minute film featured the highest quality footage of EPCOT Center’s pavilions with an underscore comprised mostly of “production music” that, while anything but an accurate representation of the park’s soundscape, has nevertheless become synonymous with EPCOT’s early history.….



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The following presentation is an extended compilation of the many musical cues found in the original 1983 program featuring a commemorative 14-page book with over 60 high-resolution photographs.          

Disclaimer: For educational purposes only.
Contains no Disney copyrighted music. 





Future World

1. Fanfare & Overture (2:40)
2. Spaceship Earth (0:58)
3. CommuniCore /
Universe of Energy / 
Horizons (3:24)
4. World of Motion (1:18)
5. Transcenter /
Journey Into Imagination (3:21)
6. The Image Works /
Magic Eye Theater (2:26)
7. Kitchen Kabaret (2:24)
8. Listen to the Land (3:56)
9. The Florida Project (2:19)
10. Creating Tomorrow (3:29)







World Showcase

11. The American Adventure (3:36)
12. Italy (3:32)
13. Germany (1:15)
14. China (2:32) 
15. Mexico (3:22)
16. Canada (2:51)
17. United Kingdom /
France (3:51)
18. Japan (2:46)
19. Nightfall /
Dedication (2:41)
20. Closing Credits (1:33)


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