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E82 Apparel

E82 Brings You a full collection of sophisticatedly subtle styles featuring some of our most popular programs and projects. Support E82 today by sporting our designs!

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Signals for the Information Age

Have you ever been late to your grandson's holographic birthday? 
Need a ping when miniaturizations are taking place at the M.E.T.?
Waiting for that special Spark of communication?  
Or just want to be notified in a wonderfully Retro Futuristic way.   
Introducing E82 RINGTONES...

A collection of OVER 50 specially created tones connecting you in the Information Age, each one arranged to be both loopable and tastefully selected for any professional setting with compatible files for both Android and iPhone* systems

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*iPhone files will require connecting your phone to a laptop or desktop for installation.


E82 at Home

When one considers the elegance of their design and their high-frequency of return it should come as no surprise there are many die hard theme park aficionados that wish they could live in one. And if you find that concept somewhat strange, I’m not suggesting that people want falling-elevator themed loveseats or black omnimover beds. Instead I would offer a more sophisticated approach of seeking design inspiration from the Hollywood Tower Hotel’s Spanish Revival Lobby, or the Gothic/Edwardian interiors of the Gracey Estate.
To this end, E82’s Centorium is now offering domestic décor items, to bring Epcot’s “Future Industrial” style out of the park and into your home!

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EPCOT Center Logo Collection

Screen Capture of Actual Adobe Illustrator FileOne of the most highly coveted assets of The E82 Project is now available to YOU. The EPCOT Center Logo Collection is the culmination of over two years of painstaking work to create the most mathematically perfect vectorizations of the park’s original pavilion iconography.
While there are similar assets available, this set of precisely calibrated icons is far superior to any other in existence.
Much has already been written about the creation of this set in the Case Study Building Better Logos. And since that time requests for this set have only increased.
Since that time, the set has expanded to include the extraordinarily rare Innoventions Logo, and has been enhanced to include custom created bevels, a four separate versions of the main EPCOT Center Logo. 



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Your download will include two separate file sets:

For the Novice,
65 resolution independent EPS files of each logo for use in nearly every program —
from Powerpoint to Photoshop.

For the Advanced User,
2 highly-organized, user-friendly, completely editable AI file suitable for every conceivable application from Indesign to After Effects-style Animation. Finally, this file also contains a bonus handcrafted “EPCOT Center” Text logo.