Entrance Plaza

Entries in SSE Hues Series (3)


SSE Hues - Heliotropic 

Debuting shortly before EPCOT Center’s 10th Anniversary, this lighting scheme of Pink & Purple with highlights of golden amber has become the signature color scheme of the geosphere during the past two decades.

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You’ll also notice this is the first edition of the SSE Hues series to feature all four background formats, made possible by a new “Lighting Rig” that should be much easier to control and manipulate during for “Hues” yet to come!


SSE Hues - Fushsiaristic!

“YEAR 3” of The E82 Project begins with a completely new look, and a new Hue for Spaceship Earth! This one features a rarely used but dynamic lighting scheme prominently featured on the cover of WDP’s 1982 Annual Report…


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Announcing – SSE Hues!

In honor of Epcot’s 30th Anniversary, E82 is proud to present a New Series for The Epcot Legacy (yes, another series:). “SSE Hues” pays tribute to the original lighting schemes of Spaceship Earth and suggests new color combinations for tomorrow.


The first several editions are directly based on designer Joe Falzetta’s original lighting schemes and should be released rather quickly so keep your “eye on the ball” for new Hues soon!     

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