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Constructing Tomorrow #10

30 days before opening of the “Newest Wonder of the World,” The EPCOT Center News Briefs provided daily progress reports for the many facets in bringing 21st Century to life in 1982.

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It's Working!

I hope that you don’t think I’m crazy or egoistical when I say this, but in E82’s tiny two-year existence A LOT has transpired, both for myself and for the project but the goal and philosophy of E82 has always remained the same — Influence through Inspiration. And in small way, it’s working! The E82 Overture has been interpreted by designer Stephen Dettling as a multi-media lightshow (that really makes me want to finish the Vista Series)…

And its seems that D23 is even influenced by the Future World Soundtrack Series…

I say (and show) these things not elevate E82, but simply to state the cyclical power of inspiration. Epcot inspires me to create new art from yesterday’s bold visions of tomorrow, which in turn inspires others to create even more great things which inspires me to go on and create new things.

EPCOT Center’s 30th birthday is one of joy and sorrow. Joy over the accomplishments of Imagineer’s that jump-started the 21st Century 18 years before its chronological beginning, and sorrow over absence of those things now lost. The birthday of any living institution is two-fold ­— a celebration of the past and the excitement of tomorrow. As of this date not much is planned for Epcot’s future, but it’s only a matter of time before all eyes will be on “the ball” as it is still THE park of the greatest potential with an altruistic message that’s a necessity for its World and the world of tomorrow.      



E @ 28

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Spaceship Earthrise

This is the first of many desktop backgrounds coming to you from the E82. Spaceship Earth Dawn is based on the original cover for the EPCOT Center Pre-Opening Guide . In this, I wanted to capture the spirit of the original photography with the technology available today.

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To all who come to this
place of Joy, Hope and Friendship
- Welcome-

EPCOT Center
is inspired by Walt Disney's creative vision.
Here, human achievements
are celebrated through imagination,
the wonders of enterprise and concepts of a future
that promises new and exciting benefits for all.

May EPCOT Center entertain, inform and inspire.
And above all, may it instill a new sense of belief
and pride in man's ability to shape a world
that offers hope to people everywhere in the world.
E. Cardon Walker
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Walt Disney Productions
October 24, 1982

Written by Marty Skylar, this Dedication encapsulates the original vision of the world’s most optimistic, and unique theme park. E82 is a personal endeavor, committed to restoring and celebrating the concepts and principles brought forth by the artists, scientists, innovators, philosophers and futurists of over a quarter century ago. Men and women of vision that in the midst of social, political, and economic upheaval, tenaciously worked towards a more constructive and unified world.

is dedicated to the
original philosophies of EPCOT-
the City, the Center, and its Legacy.
Here, the “Architects of the Future” are celebrated
through Art, Music, and History.

May E82 continue EPCOT Center’s original vision:
to entertain, inform and inspire.
And above all, may it present innovative
perspectives on still unrealized concepts
for the community of tomorrow.
Joshua L Harris
JLH Omnimedia
January 11, 2010

“This is Just the Beginning!”
-Walt Disney (the EPCOT Film, 1966)