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Building Better Logos

The JLH Omnimedia section returns from an 18-month hiatus with a behind the scenes look into the creation of a special collection of assets for The E82 Project...

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The Morning After Test

What a difference a few hours can make! Head over to JLH Omni and watch me pull apart my own work while making it much better in the process. AND get a sneak peek into the creation of the “FWSS - The Land” in-process!


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Creating an Icon

This week in the world of Art, JLH Omnimedia features an extensive behind-the-scenes look at the (re)creation of the icon that started the Vista Series.

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Perfect Timing 

Today at JLH Omnimedia, we learn about style progression, faith-based timing and the continuing evolution of one of the most important key assets of E82. Click over to the image to see a preview of an upcoming project....


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The Hidden Art of E82

Being a highly analytical Historian AND a perfectionist Designer can lead to some really interesting (read that arduous) methods of art execution. A few years ago I “constructed” a bulb-for-bulb recreation of the Italian inspired Lights of Winter, my absolute favorite Holiday experience (which you’ll find here). Towards the end of last year I began experimenting with a few new techniques that, if done correctly could create a far more elegant and subtle illustration. Furthermore, I want to create a schematically perfect set of lights that could be used for multiple projects in the future. In order to accomplish this I decided the best method was to recreate the entire archway (this time with flanking light patterns) below is the armature with guidelines for the 2011 Lights of Winter vector. And strangely enough, this particular piece of digital engineering will never appear on any product.

Side Note: One would think that the arches themselves, with their delicate French curves and spirals would be the hardest thing to recreate. Surprisingly, the Celtic-like “Light Grids” (as I call them) were literally mind-boggling as dissecting the intricate complexity of what-color-goes-where did give me a headache while determining the proper representation.