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Celebrate the Joy of . . . Life! 

The countdown officially begins today…

Anyone remember when I thought that Wonders might a little light or (even worse) boring as a Two Disc compilation??? Well, turns out I grossly underestimated the musical depth of this, the last of Future World’s sprawling pavilions. As a result, this singularity in Epcot history will come to you as an expansive collection featuring OVER TWO HOURS of specially arranged, constructed, enhanced and restored musical compilations!

Experience the Wonder!  

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Celebrate the Joy of . . .


Rebuilding the Legacy 

Now that you’ve downloaded the album, read about its dramatic development - from conflicting genres, to the controversial edits, and the incident that nearly Killed E82 Forever!…

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Special Note: For the first time ever on The E82 Project, YOU can help shape evolution of the Future World Soundtrack Series next installment – The Wonders of Life!     


Listen to . . . The Land 



Mark Your Calendars!

The Future World Soundtrack Series will increase to include the largest and longest edition to date spanning three generations of attractions, shows and restaurants.

Highlights include…

  • Custom Remixes for Symbiosis and Kitchen Kabaret
  • New Arrangements for Farmer’s Market, Sunshine Seasons, & Soarin’
  • and a Special Interpretation for Living with the Land

Get ready to Sing the Praise of Good Nutrition, Soar through the clouds, and Listen to the Land We All Love.

Harvest Season Begins in just 20 days!


Listen to . . .