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Logo Series — Electronic Forum

"From the assembly of the ancient Greeks to the New England town hall meeting, every democratic community has had its own forum, a place to meet with one's peers to discuss events of the day and to plan a course of action for tomorrow. In a very real sense, Electronic Form is as lively and democratic as Athen's agora, and infinitely more efficient." — Walt Disney's EPCOT Center, Creating a New World of Tomorrow by Richard R Beard "
With its seemingly random bits of data building into a clear picture, the marquee of CommuniCore's Electronic Forum beckoned guests to add their individual viewpoints to a great number of issues facing the ever-changing conditions found in the 1980s and early 90s. E82 welcomes this incredibly intricate signage to the Logo Series complete with its equally complex color scheme and customarily updated aesthetics of E82's "De-Retro-ization" Process.        

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