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Walt: 50 years later



"Its a fancy thing to be remembered as the man that invented a mouse"

— Walt Disney, 1966
On the limited public perceptions of his life's work. 



On the day of Walt's untimely death, CBS News' Eric Sevareid delivered what many consider his definitive eulogy. Begin with the words: “It would take more time than anybody has around the daily news shops to think of the right thing to say about Walt Disney..." 

In the ensueing decades, this statement solidfied in the public consciouness and confined Walt's life to something far less than his accomplishments and dynamic intellect.

By now, we've had more than enough time develop a better vision for the man that brought us so much more than mice, and princesses.

The following is my refocusing of Walt's life and legacy to something a bit more accurate and inspiring...


It has taken decades to quantify the enormous impact of Walt Disney, and yet still come up woefully short.

He was much more than an original — a completely unique singularity divinely sent to provide the brightest light in the twentieth century. And although we hardly deserved him he was exactly what we needed to stave off obliteration.

He probably did more to provide hope and restoration to the human spirit than all the psychiatrists in the world. In the past 115 years, there have not been many individuals on this planet that have not benefited from his vision and perspective for which we should be profoundly grateful.

Walt seemed to have an innate ability to provide entertainment with enlightenment that allowed everyone, young and old, the sophisticated and naive to transcend our circumstances and aspire to a brighter tomorrow — seeing a new world beyond our present reality.

Conventional perceptions are that he dealt in purely escapist realms of fantasy. But the reality of his work paints a far different picture than the water-colored backgrounds of his animated films. From his many “firsts”, technological and artistic milestones, to his still lesser known influence on major historical events Walt’s legacy can be felt to this day.

It has been said “that we’ll never see his like again.” BUT by emulating his insistence for quality, dedication to excellence, commitment to effective communication, and his persistent optimism, WE can insure his spirit will live on hundreds of years into the future.



VISTA SERIES — Electroluminescence 

From its streamlined façade of 21st Century columns to the rounded forms of its entrances, the CommuniCore Vista pays tribute to the multi-level circular structures at the heart of Future World. For this edition, the arcs of CommuniCore are echoed in its light beams with a color scheme inspired by the Pavilion’s multicolored marquees. 

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Designer’s Note: This edition features the debut of the CommuniCore Pavilion Line-Art including a Fountain of Nations with water jets depicting a familiar outline. 


Soarin's Skyway

One of several sequential spaces inspired by a series of superb airport terminals, the suitably named “Skyway” with its striking Cobalt Blue Neon lines is the point of departure for the popular Soarin’ Around the World experience inside The Land pavilion. Captured here (by popular demand) are a select few of the many sophisticated textures found throughout the queue of this recently enhanced attraction, now finally worthy of its place among Epcot’s globally-themed environments. 

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The Spirit of EPCOT Center

As difficult as it is to comprehend, try your best to imagine the current Walt Disney Company spending 37 Billion Dollars on a single project. Yes,... THRITY-SEVEN BILLION Dollars! What could possibly be worth such a staggering amount of investment? How on Earth could one begin to justify such financially risky endeavor!? And what bank would even entertain such a proposal longer than a single millisecond?

By now, you should be getting (at least) a small idea about as to the gravitas EPCOT Center held for Walt Disney Productions in 1982. For the “theme park” cost was roughly 50% of the net worth of the Company in 1982. By comparison, the (very conservatively estimated) $6.5M Shanghai Disneyland, is less than 9% of the company today.

So why did, Card Walker approve of such an ambitious project?  Although not explicitly stated, the following video does give some sense as to the enormiously altruistic aspirations everyone involved with EPCOT Center was striving for. 


“The Spirit of EPCOT Center”
February 1983
Featuring (in order of appearance) 

Donn Tatum, Tony Baxter, Ken Anderson, Marty Sklar,
John Hench, Randy Bright, Dr. Alan Yarnell, Ray Bradbury,
Dr. Carl Hodges, Bob McCarthy, Ward Kimball, Card Walker & Walt Disney     


Clicking on the Vimeo icon will take you to a special description with clickable “chapters” for the individual interviews in the presentation.                                    


End of Line?. . . Not Yet!

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My Dear Futurists,

Over the past several years, I’ve rather unwisely poured everything into this project. Designing “the worlds most unique EPCOT Centered endeavor” takes a lot of time, energy and finances to bring to reality, all of which are interrelated to one another. Time & energy spent away from my “day job”, investing in a degree, and sacrificing other job offers to work on E82 — a project that has always had higher goals than just a repository of history, music and artwork. One that has a real possibility of become a driving force for Epcot’s future. And in order to continue such work I NEED YOU!
I’m at the very end of my fiscal rope, and this project cannot evolve without monetary assistance.

There is a Very Real and Very Dark future on the horizon for Epcot.
A future that I have a highly practical plan to Stop!
And it very well might be our last hope.

Please help me to continue this fight for a Brighter Tomorrow!

Every little bit helps, but there are certain benefits to providing more assistance.

Thank You for Your Support,
I simply cannot do this without YOU!



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