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The Universe of Ethics

The E82 Project exists to pay tribute to Epcot’s past and explore the near limitless potential for its future. As such, it has been a long-standing policy not to get involved with current events nor address rumors regarding the park’s redevelopment. However, when rumors are this persistent and the implications this far-reaching it becomes necessary to break with policy and illuminate the larger issues involved. . . 



2032 — Teasing Tomorrow

Over the past decade, we’ve seen film/video become the most persuasive media that has ever existed. From guiding the development of beloved modern sagas, to overthrowing tyrannical governments and all points in between, it alone possesses the power inspire change in this century. If the American Revolution was happening today the Declaration of Independence would most certainly be a YouTube viral video. 

With this in mind, I’ve been quietly working on a “vesis” (video thesis) with the hope that it could inspire a new dawn for Epcot, one in which it could conceivably become the most popular, prominent, profitable, and prolific Center on the face of the planet. It is a plan that has been developed utilizing the collective intelligence of the most insightful and forward-thinkers of our time.  

It’s “The EPCOT Film” for the 21st Century!

Here is a small taste of what’s in store… 



With a concept like this, timing has been extremely important and, until now, I’ve been able to absorb the burden myself. Unfortunately, this is no longer an option and I need your help.

Please donate toward the completion of this film.
Only those who contribute will be granted access to view the finished product.

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A Souvenir Soundtrack

Although by no means ancient history, it is becoming extremely difficult to remember a time when we couldn’t watch well-produced documentary-style footage of theme parks and attractions in High-Definition using only our thumbs…   


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Progress City: Golden Anniversary

Although the park is only in its mid-30s, the EPCOT concept itself (developed in 1966) has now reached its Golden Anniversary! In tribute to this event and serendipitously commemorating our 50th Background, we bring you a unique look at the vision that truly started it all — Welcome to Progress City: 50th Anniversary! 

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Designer’s Note: Stay Tuned for a much more in-depth look at the creation of this "vector illustration" Coming Soon!


Walt: 50 years later



"Its a fancy thing to be remembered as the man that invented a mouse"

— Walt Disney, 1966
On the limited public perceptions of his life's work. 



On the day of Walt's untimely death, CBS News' Eric Sevareid delivered what many consider his definitive eulogy. Begin with the words: “It would take more time than anybody has around the daily news shops to think of the right thing to say about Walt Disney..." 

In the ensueing decades, this statement solidfied in the public consciouness and confined Walt's life to something far less than his accomplishments and dynamic intellect.

By now, we've had more than enough time develop a better vision for the man that brought us so much more than mice, and princesses.

The following is my refocusing of Walt's life and legacy to something a bit more accurate and inspiring...


It has taken decades to quantify the enormous impact of Walt Disney, and yet still come up woefully short.

He was much more than an original — a completely unique singularity divinely sent to provide the brightest light in the twentieth century. And although we hardly deserved him he was exactly what we needed to stave off obliteration.

He probably did more to provide hope and restoration to the human spirit than all the psychiatrists in the world. In the past 115 years, there have not been many individuals on this planet that have not benefited from his vision and perspective for which we should be profoundly grateful.

Walt seemed to have an innate ability to provide entertainment with enlightenment that allowed everyone, young and old, the sophisticated and naive to transcend our circumstances and aspire to a brighter tomorrow — seeing a new world beyond our present reality.

Conventional perceptions are that he dealt in purely escapist realms of fantasy. But the reality of his work paints a far different picture than the water-colored backgrounds of his animated films. From his many “firsts”, technological and artistic milestones, to his still lesser known influence on major historical events Walt’s legacy can be felt to this day.

It has been said “that we’ll never see his like again.” BUT by emulating his insistence for quality, dedication to excellence, commitment to effective communication, and his persistent optimism, WE can insure his spirit will live on hundreds of years into the future.


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