Entrance Plaza

Oceanic Architecture 

Inspired by the design timelapse videos from visual artist James White , "Oceanic Architecture" is the entire 15-hour process of The Living Seas Edition in the Epcot Architecture Series.What you will see is every step of the process, from source architectural drawings to failed attempts and all points in between as I struggle to translate its highly sculptural three-dimensional waves into a strictly 2D format.




The 21st Century — 35 Years Later

35 years into its existence and with so many of its prophecies realized, it has become extremely difficult to comprehend just how unique, all-encompassing and utterly miraculous was the creation of EPCOT Center. A pathetically insignificant cartoon studio, led by the single greatest creative mind of the 20th Century, had grown to give birth to entirely new art forms, pioneered amazing technologies, created Kingdoms and established new Worlds. And on October 1st, 1982 actually performed what today would seem chronologically impossible: Walt Disney Productions quite literally transported us over 20 years into the future. And not without purpose... 
The world EPCOT Center was born into may not have been the most lethal but it was most assuredly one of the darkest for the human spirit. At great financial risk and personal sacrifice Disney, General Electric, Sperry Computers, Exxon, Kodak, General Motors, Kraft, American Express, Coke-Cola, & United Technologies banded together to elevate humanity out of a global depression and restore hope to the passengers of Spaceship Earth.
Signaling this audaciously avant-garde endeavor was an austerely mysterious masterpiece of minimalist futurism. The geodesic icon of this new center depicted as that which it was being created to symbolize what Ray Bradbury described as a "small, silent and fragile island drifting in the night sky". 

Originally created by graphic designer Norm Inouye, this painting has been lovingly (and obsessively) re-created dozens of times by yours truly over the years, and this is merely my latest attempt to capture the essence of its streamlined serenity.        

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Logo Series — Kitchen Kabaret

"The most unusual cast of incredible edibles this side of the refrigerator assembles in...Kitchen Kabaret. Audio-Animatronics food groups... led by hostess Bonnie Appetit, perform a full menu of musical numbers as they [sing the praise of] good nutrition."
The most charming of all EPCOT Center's attractions, this musical revue, loosely set in the 1940s featured some truly exquisite (and sometimes eccentric) examples of Art Deco aesthetics not the least of which was its main marquee towering over the center stage.        

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Logo Series — Spaceship Earth

Like a grand a miraculous spaceship, our planet and sailed through the universe of time. And for a brief moment, we have been among it's passengers. But where are we going? And what kind of future will we discover there? The 2007 Siemens sponsored edition of Spaceship Earth endeavored to engage its guests to invent their own future, beginning with this forward-thinking logo design that simultaneously reflects a classic Future World aesthetic.       

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The Universe of Ethics

The E82 Project exists to pay tribute to Epcot’s past and explore the near limitless potential for its future. As such, it has been a long-standing policy not to get involved with current events nor address rumors regarding the park’s redevelopment. However, when rumors are this persistent and the implications this far-reaching it becomes necessary to break with policy and illuminate the larger issues involved. . .