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VISTA SERIES - Reaching for New Horizons

First, the requiem. Now we celebrate the awe and wonder of the attraction that broke the mold for predictive storytelling. Horizons joins its fellow pavilions with its own edition of light-beamed splendor. This time the building is illustrated in a signature white hot glow with a dramatic sunrise beginning its ascent in the distance.


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Designer’s Note: Since “The Land” release I’ve been very concerned with the depiction of the pavilion symbols. Most are (will be) easily distinguishable in half form, and some less-than-logical reflections help with clear representation. BUT when it came time to work on Horizons, these methods simply would not be as effective. Fortunately, the iconic “horizon-al” structure of the pavilion’s logo was perfect for extrapolation.


Dilemma: Sponsorship in the 21st Century

In the realm of Legacy, we examine the financial challenges of maintaining, creating and revitalizing the community of tomorrow while ultimately proposing a radical departure from the current philosophy. From present conditions to the realities of application - the pitfalls of today and the exciting possibilities of a sponsor-free tomorrow.

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VISTA Series - A Tribute in Light

From Looking back at Tomorrow to the exciting possibilities of life on a fertile desert, floating city or space colony, Horizons presented THE most optimistic and forward-thinking display in the history of themed entertainment. Before the debut of its serialized Vista, we pause to pay tribute the greatest and most important of all deceased attractions.


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Designer’s Note: Because of its historical complexity, the treatment of Horizons was always intended to be different from the other pavilions of Future World. Inspired by the shuttle mission plaques found at the exit of the Shuttle Launch Experience at the Kennedy Space Center, this edition is the only “gold” Pavilion it the otherwise “White Hot” pavilion line-up signifying its loss.
This special edition was designed (almost) simultaneously as the “standard” edition so it was tricky to restrain myself on some design choices in order to preserve its inherently somber tone.


Creating an Icon

This week in the world of Art, JLH Omnimedia features an extensive behind-the-scenes look at the (re)creation of the icon that started the Vista Series.

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