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Figment’s Fun Facts #4 - Epic Energy

HE’S BACK! After over a year-long hiatus, Figment returns to E82 to share some amazing facts of the “Newest Wonder of the World” including a sneak-peak into the latest thoughts an insightful essays coming soon to E82!

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The Art of ENERGY

Part of “The Art of Epcot” Series, this edition pays tribute to the inspirational paintings of the “Universe of Energy” from Emile Radok’s Kinetic Preshow to the Energy Information Center, the Unrealized Post-show and finally the dynamic Age of the Dinosaurs with a background pattern evocative of the pavilion's square architectural motif. 

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Constructing Tomorrow #7

30 days before opening of the “Newest Wonder of the World,” The EPCOT Center News Briefs provided daily progress reports for the many facets in bringing 21st Century to life in 1982.

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VISTA SERIES - Reaching for New Horizons

First, the requiem. Now we celebrate the awe and wonder of the attraction that broke the mold for predictive storytelling. Horizons joins its fellow pavilions with its own edition of light-beamed splendor. This time the building is illustrated in a signature white hot glow with a dramatic sunrise beginning its ascent in the distance.


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Designer’s Note: Since “The Land” release I’ve been very concerned with the depiction of the pavilion symbols. Most are (will be) easily distinguishable in half form, and some less-than-logical reflections help with clear representation. BUT when it came time to work on Horizons, these methods simply would not be as effective. Fortunately, the iconic “horizon-al” structure of the pavilion’s logo was perfect for extrapolation.