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Constructing Tomorrow #8

30 days before opening of the “Newest Wonder of the World,” The EPCOT Center News Briefs provided daily progress reports for the many facets in bringing 21st Century to life in 1982.

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Listen to . . . The Land 



Mark Your Calendars!

The Future World Soundtrack Series will increase to include the largest and longest edition to date spanning three generations of attractions, shows and restaurants.

Highlights include…

  • Custom Remixes for Symbiosis and Kitchen Kabaret
  • New Arrangements for Farmer’s Market, Sunshine Seasons, & Soarin’
  • and a Special Interpretation for Living with the Land

Get ready to Sing the Praise of Good Nutrition, Soar through the clouds, and Listen to the Land We All Love.

Harvest Season Begins in just 20 days!


Constructing 2.0!

I’ve had the idea of combining pictures with the story of EPCOT Center’s final days of construction for a while now BUT with a finite amount of pictures and an even more finite amount of News Briefs picture selection proved to be a lot more difficult than I originally thought. (If I use an awesome photo today that better applies to the News Brief of tomorrow… well I just can’t stand for that kind of imperfection.) However, after much planning (including all 30 entrees left to go), I’ve decided to go forward with presenting past and future issues in the series with photo accompaniment. Most images will be on topic (if not from the exact day!) while others might only be a severe tangent. So I would suggest looking back at Constructing Tomorrow for all the new additions.
Just keep in mind that some of these may appear sedate, but I guarantee things will get a lot more interesting from here on. Just as with opening of the park we’ve really just begun to dream!

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An aerial shot of the construction site from June 1980, the only thing completed is the cast parking lot which will soon serve the many construction workers that will make EPCOT center a reality. 


Spirits of America

Inspired by the Grand Finale of the American Adventure, the Spirits of America incorporates the statues that line the walls of the Liberty Theater into the dramatic sunrise as depicted in the show’s climatic Statue of Liberty sequence.

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Designer’s Notes: In order to compose the final image, this piece required an intense amount of “rotoscoping” for each element performed entirely by hand (including all 12 statues)  – no automatic isolation was used in the creation of this piece! Additionally, the Torch and stain-glass Flame although part of the same set piece were actually composited from two completely separate images.


ID4 @ E82

For those of you new to E82, we pause our regularly scheduled projects and posts to celebrate only two holidays - or more accurately birthdays. The Birth of Jesus, whose life is a testament to the concepts of Peace, Love, Compassion, Understanding and Freedom and the Birth of our “Host Nation”, which was founded on the additional principles of unity, diversity, and democracy. Both of these events make a place like Epcot possible! In tribute to US Independence Day, E82 News Page is now fully decorated for The 4th for the first time. If you’ll like join the digital festivities might I suggest this abstraction of The Stars and Stripes with a certain Georgian Manor house in the foreground ;) . . .

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Additionally, I’m working on a concept that should take Golden Dreams to a whole new level. So expect a Highly “Spirited” new Background in the near future!