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Constructing Tomorrow #9

30 days before opening of the “Newest Wonder of the World,” The EPCOT Center News Briefs provided daily progress reports for the many facets in bringing 21st Century to life in 1982.

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During this glorious time of year it’s become an E82 annual tradition to celebrate Epcot’s “grand finale” of seasonal events – Epcot Holidays Around the World is arguably the most meaningful of all events in the history of themed entertainment. A key element to these proceedings is the ever popular Candlelight Processional and thus the subject of this year’s background...

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Rebuilding the Legacy 

Now that you’ve downloaded the album, read about its dramatic development - from conflicting genres, to the controversial edits, and the incident that nearly Killed E82 Forever!…

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Special Note: For the first time ever on The E82 Project, YOU can help shape evolution of the Future World Soundtrack Series next installment – The Wonders of Life!     


Announcing – SSE Hues!

In honor of Epcot’s 30th Anniversary, E82 is proud to present a New Series for The Epcot Legacy (yes, another series:). “SSE Hues” pays tribute to the original lighting schemes of Spaceship Earth and suggests new color combinations for tomorrow.


The first several editions are directly based on designer Joe Falzetta’s original lighting schemes and should be released rather quickly so keep your “eye on the ball” for new Hues soon!     

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It's Working!

I hope that you don’t think I’m crazy or egoistical when I say this, but in E82’s tiny two-year existence A LOT has transpired, both for myself and for the project but the goal and philosophy of E82 has always remained the same — Influence through Inspiration. And in small way, it’s working! The E82 Overture has been interpreted by designer Stephen Dettling as a multi-media lightshow (that really makes me want to finish the Vista Series)…

And its seems that D23 is even influenced by the Future World Soundtrack Series…

I say (and show) these things not elevate E82, but simply to state the cyclical power of inspiration. Epcot inspires me to create new art from yesterday’s bold visions of tomorrow, which in turn inspires others to create even more great things which inspires me to go on and create new things.

EPCOT Center’s 30th birthday is one of joy and sorrow. Joy over the accomplishments of Imagineer’s that jump-started the 21st Century 18 years before its chronological beginning, and sorrow over absence of those things now lost. The birthday of any living institution is two-fold ­— a celebration of the past and the excitement of tomorrow. As of this date not much is planned for Epcot’s future, but it’s only a matter of time before all eyes will be on “the ball” as it is still THE park of the greatest potential with an altruistic message that’s a necessity for its World and the world of tomorrow.