Entrance Plaza

Formatting for the Future 

For several months now I’ve been haunted by a single horrible thought…

What if E82 Visitors were not downloading the highest quality versions of my backgrounds?

Furthermore, how bad is it that users have to click through multiple screens (and websites!) just to get the high-res images? Ever since I converted the ART section last year to a gallery, I’ve been somewhat dissatisfied with the content delivery of my backgrounds. And for months, I’ve been researching the best method of downloading with an appropriately retro-futuristic presentation and here are the results…


E82’s Art section now features direct downloads of ALL* past backgrounds, but it doesn’t stop there. In addition to the Full & Wide Screen formats, two NEW ratios have been created that allow you to display The Epcot Legacy on to-go devices with our iPad/tablet & Cellular/iPhone formats.

Finally, while preparing the backgrounds for the migration to on-site hosting I couldn’t help but make a few subtle (and some blatantly obvious) improvements to most desktops and a few custom compositions for the new formats that (I think) surpass the originals!

So head over to the ART section and re-discover the collection in a fresh new way!

How many changes can you see?

*Note: The only background yet to make it on-site is the Lights of Winter Collection. I noticed a few technical errors that will take a little more time to correct.

BTW, to my fellow Cast Members (& Imagineers) this also marks the first time you’ll be able to view/display E82 Desktops on your work computers!


Easy Living

“Easy Living… It’s always been just around the corner.”
The future as seen from the 1930’s, this second edition to the Texture Series pays tribute to the fanciful “Art Deco” scene from Future World’s dearly departed Horizons pavilion by focusing on the tableau’s colorful custom created carpets.

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Adult Discourse

What does it mean to be a truly unique theme park in an otherwise oversaturated market of child-focused entertainment — the challenges of word association, and the enormous marketing potential that lies dormant in the world’s first theme park created for adults.

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The Future of E82 ? ? ?

"Well, I'd say it's been my biggest problem all my life. MONEY. It takes a lot of money to make these dreams come true. From the very start it was a problem. Getting the money to open Disneyland. About seventeen million it took. And we had everything mortgaged including my personal insurance." – Walt Disney

In much the same way, E82 has always been on the verge of closure and it currently “loses” about $300.00 in hosting fees per year (a cost that, believe it or not, cuts deep into my current finances).

But more valuable than money is the Time invested into revitalizing EPCOT Centered concepts – time that’s often “stolen” from higher priorities like education, health, socialization, and artistic/career development (ironically all Epcot values).

E82 is a labor of love, the definition of a Passion Project and it is one that I hope will continue for a long time. And once my education is no longer such a large factor of my “free” time I fully expect that the Legacy will continue at a faster pace. However, I cannot ignore the hard facts that without any measurable incentive E82’s development will always be excruciatingly slow.

If you enjoy E82 and support the dual causes of “Appreciation through Exposure” (History & Music) and would like to see Epcot (the park) continue to be positively effected through the process of “Influence through Inspiration” (Art & Legacy) Please Support E82 by Making a Donation!

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The Future of E82... Rests with you!


M. E. T.

With 16 days until the FWSS release of the Wonders of Life I can think of no better time to focus on the pavilion’s unique and eclectic attractions. Additionally, I think is high time I start using these meticulously created vectorizations for something more that the postage stamp sized elements that adorn the inside covers of the soundtrack albums.

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ATTN: MET Probe Crew Members

Please use the following proved desktop on all facility monitors, including all XLGS-750 bays, and Mission Command work stations.

Thank You,

– Cdr. Cynthia Lair PhD.

The desktop background features elements from several versions of the Logo throughout the queue with a few “E82-style” enhancements. The background is inspired by the checker panels of the attraction’s upper queue. The “MET” recalls the graphic buffers displayed on the overhead monitors while the body probe and concentric circles simulate the lighted main marquee found at the attraction’s entrance lobby.