Entrance Plaza

Electric Umbrella

Certainly the most unusually themed restaurant in Epcot (if not all of Walt Disney World) is the Electric Umbrella. Beginning its life as the awesomely titled (and yet completely irrelevant) “Stargate Restaurant” the quick service facility was re-themed in 1994 by Disney Legend Rolly Crump based on a literal merchandise item sold at Centorium during the time.

Although not original to the restaurant, these relatively new carpet titles continue Rolly’s characteristically kooky theme by complimenting the venue’s over-scaled umbrellas above with giant rings of multi-colored water droplets below. 

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Personal Note:
I’ve recently heard that I’m becoming infamous in Epcot circles as “the guy that’s been doing all the carpets!” And although that’s funny, it’s not exactly what I’d like people to know E82 for. Fortunately, there are only a few (3) custom carpets left in the park to “get out of my system”. Especially ones like this of such exacting detail…

Designer’s Note:
In this specific case, the Electric Umbrella has a few unique properties that were difficult to master, including a seemingly random tile pattern and alternating seam lines/groves consumed over 60% of my in recreating the piece. For while the circular forms themselves were quite easy to make, figuring-out the right thickness and application of lines that would scale correctly for the computer screen took an considerable amount of trial & error to achieve. 





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Constructing Tomorrow #10

30 days before opening of the “Newest Wonder of the World,” The EPCOT Center News Briefs provided daily progress reports for the many facets in bringing 21st Century to life in 1982.

Click the News Brief to go indepth into the latest installment of Constructing Tomorrow.


Try to Imagine . . .


Vista Series - Bioluminescence

From its remarkably complex curvilinear exterior to its “incredible voyage of the discovery”, The Living Seas Vista pays tribute to the architecture and effects of what was once “the world’s sixth largest ocean”.  For this edition, defused light rays and water caustics symbolize the remarkable journey from the surface to the depths that welcome us to Sea Base Alpha. 

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Designer’s Note: After almost a year hiatus, The Vista Series returns with what will probably be the single most complex line-art for all of Epcot’s 22 pavilions. The Living Seas architecture (just like all other original pavilions) abstractly conveys the theme of the pavilion. In this case, it appears to be constructed entirely of waves frozen into a state of structural rigidity — no easy task for any architect. Nor was it easy for to translate its highly sculptural three-dimensional forms into a strictly 2D format. This process that was especially difficult when one considers that all components of its design flow seamlessly into each other making it particularly challenging to complete a single shape without first considering all others.
Although the structure rightly received most of its accolades for its interior engineering, the exterior is no less impressive and after this experience I have even more respect for the designers and architects at WDI and Montgomery Watson for what they were able to achieve nearly 30 years ago.