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Epcot's Rib

In a listing of Future World superlatives, one could easily say Horizons was the most inspiring, Imagination the most timeless, and Spaceship Earth the most impressive. To this list, one could add "Inside Entertainment" as the most prolific and certainly most impactful as the concept for the never built performing arts pavilion featuring Great Moments at the Movies, Disney Animation and a look into TV production was so expansive that no one building could possibly house all the possibilities of putting people into the movies. 

Enter the Disney•MGM Studios

It might sound like somewhat of a stretch to incorporate a seemingly superficial studio into something as substantive as The Epcot Legacy on a historically tangential technicality, but the original aspirations of the park are very much in-line with Epcot's over-arching theme of Humanity — who we are (World Showcase) and what we can do (Future World). In fact, the original Studios bridges these two concepts by exhibiting some of our Great-est cultural achievements and the technical abilities needed to achieve them. 

Classic cinema speaks to our nature, our inherent humanity — both our shortcomings and successes. Furthermore, exposure to the historical heights of cinematic perfection not only reveals answers to our past but keys to our future. Most importantly, it provides a challenge to meet and surpass the achievements of yesterday ushering in a brighter tomorrow.

Like the MGM Studios itself, the greatness of the Florida studios has reached the slow Fade-Out. But that need not be the case. For on this 30th anniversary of its opening, the meaning and memories of the Disney • MGM Studios lives on through movies & music, sights & sounds.


E82 — The Epcot Legacy
Welcomes the 
Disney • MGM Studios 

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The World you have entered 
was created by The Walt Disney Company 
and is dedicated to Hollywood—
not a place on a map, but a state of mind 
that exists wherever people dream and wonder 
and imagine, a place where illusion and 
reality are fused by technological magic. We 
welcome you to a Hollywood that never was—
and always will be.


May 1, 1989          — Michael D Eisner

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