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The Universe of Ethics

The E82 Project exists to pay tribute to Epcot’s past and explore the near limitless potential for its future. As such, it has been a long-standing policy not to get involved with current events nor address rumors regarding the park’s redevelopment. However, when rumors are this persistent and the implications this far-reaching it becomes necessary to break with policy and illuminate the larger issues involved. . . 


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Reader Comments (3)

In case your not paying attention or living in a cave in 2014 Google made silly rules if your website does not mean phone friendly requirements they will NOT list you. I LOVE your look to the website BUT GOOGLE does not. Google owns 80 percent of the internet and that 80 percent is not coming to your site to make it worthwhile to do.

Marketing sites and Q&A like Quora will try to downplay the Google Monopoly (and anything that contributes to left wing causes) which they get a kickback incentive to appear on the top of the Google results if they do so and Google is known to censor the truth of Islam.

Look it up and DON'T look at Snopes. Hillary has said out loud that she sponsors the site and Google makes it so THAT is always on the top if you search for conspiracy theories as they debunk them and spin everything to be left socialist crap.

July 26, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterSortingHat

I am paying attention Sorting Hat, and a mobile rebuild into an app-based site will be coming in the future, but I have a lot of projects on my plate at the moment and need to focus on those.
Including one in particular that, if successful could reCenter EPCOT in ways that will make both the park and this site relevant once more.

August 1, 2017 | Registered CommenterJoshua L Harris

Oh Kay. Glad your aware. They made the rules in April of 2014 and a lot of websites were upset when they found out after wondering why they were not getting traffic.

If you notice all the websites now look the same. Your look takes me back to the past when the personal website was the king and not tied to any social platform meaning if the platform goes down so does anything attached.

Your website you decide the rules. You don't have to bow down to Disqus or Blogger.etc You can use them but you are not dependent on them to feed you.

August 13, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterSortingHat

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