Formatting for the Future 
Monday, September 23, 2013 at 12:57AM
Joshua L Harris in ART

For several months now I’ve been haunted by a single horrible thought…

What if E82 Visitors were not downloading the highest quality versions of my backgrounds?

Furthermore, how bad is it that users have to click through multiple screens (and websites!) just to get the high-res images? Ever since I converted the ART section last year to a gallery, I’ve been somewhat dissatisfied with the content delivery of my backgrounds. And for months, I’ve been researching the best method of downloading with an appropriately retro-futuristic presentation and here are the results…


E82’s Art section now features direct downloads of ALL* past backgrounds, but it doesn’t stop there. In addition to the Full & Wide Screen formats, two NEW ratios have been created that allow you to display The Epcot Legacy on to-go devices with our iPad/tablet & Cellular/iPhone formats.

Finally, while preparing the backgrounds for the migration to on-site hosting I couldn’t help but make a few subtle (and some blatantly obvious) improvements to most desktops and a few custom compositions for the new formats that (I think) surpass the originals!

So head over to the ART section and re-discover the collection in a fresh new way!

How many changes can you see?

*Note: The only background yet to make it on-site is the Lights of Winter Collection. I noticed a few technical errors that will take a little more time to correct.

BTW, to my fellow Cast Members (& Imagineers) this also marks the first time you’ll be able to view/display E82 Desktops on your work computers!

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