Gateway Gifts
Sunday, December 8, 2013 at 2:11AM
Joshua L Harris in ART, Gateway Gifts, Spaceship Earth, Texture Series

One of the quainter shops in Future World, Gateway Gifts more than makes-up for its miniscule Square Footage with its location — in both architecture and proximity. If one can look past the merchandise, Gateway Gifts possesses intriguing design. From its multi-level future-industrial ceiling treatments to its impressive view of the geosphere it supports, the shop itself is a subtle but prime example EPCOT Center’s unique architectural achievements.

What is not subtle is Gateway Gifts custom carpet. Installed in the 1990’s (probably to focus the eye downward towards the purpose of the shop), even this element echoes the geodesic structure of Spaceship Earth in a uniquely subversive manner. 

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Designer’s Note: I know your probably thinking that I’ve spent a little too much time looking at walls and floors lately and I’ll be the first to agree with you. But, I always try to design things that fulfill more than one purpose at a time, and this Texture has a lot to do with the new section of E82 opening just after the beginning of next year.

In any case, I should transition from the mundane to the miraculous aspects of Epcot soon!     

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