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VISTA SERIES - Reaching for New Horizons

First, the requiem. Now we celebrate the awe and wonder of the attraction that broke the mold for predictive storytelling. Horizons joins its fellow pavilions with its own edition of light-beamed splendor. This time the building is illustrated in a signature white hot glow with a dramatic sunrise beginning its ascent in the distance.


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Designer’s Note: Since “The Land” release I’ve been very concerned with the depiction of the pavilion symbols. Most are (will be) easily distinguishable in half form, and some less-than-logical reflections help with clear representation. BUT when it came time to work on Horizons, these methods simply would not be as effective. Fortunately, the iconic “horizon-al” structure of the pavilion’s logo was perfect for extrapolation.

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Reader Comments (2)

This is excellent work. I've got the entire Vista series on my rotating desktop. I do have two questions for you:

1 - What about World of Motion/Test Track and Living Seas?

2 - Where did you get the font from? I've always loved the classic Epcot font.

Keep up the great work!

July 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDave

Hey Dave!
Good to hear that you like the series. It’s still in progress at this time and the Living Seas is the next edition, followed by Mission: Space, CommuniCore, World of Motion, and finally Spaceship Earth. As you can see from Developing New Horizons, and 24-Hour Results, at the JLH Omnimedia blog the creation of each of these is actually two projects in one: the “vista” itself and the custom line-art for each pavilion. I’m half way complete on the Future World pavilions so I’m pretty “jazzed” about seeing their completion (as they will have multiple uses when completed).
The Series uses the “Prototype” Typeface Justin Callaghan's re-creation of Deborah Lord’s “World Bold” originally created for the Universe of Energy signage, but eventually became the standard typeface of all of EPCOT Center’s Future World. Please visit his website for details: www.mickeyavenue.com
However, I know that fans of E82 are eagerly anticipating “The Land” release for the FutureWorld Soundtrack Series. So the Vistas will continue shortly after the release.
Thanks again for your comments!

July 26, 2012 | Registered CommenterJoshua L Harris

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