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E82 U (Part 2) 

OMG, where have I been!? Only two posts in a month? Just Two!
Well, this month’s course load at Full Sail was particularly demanding and labor intensive. The course “Designing Computer Graphics,” might as well be called “The Adobe Illustrator course”. The projects themselves were both challenging and fun. And with this course, I’ve been able to learn a lot more techniques that will certainly benefit E82 in the years to come. As a good practice, I’ve decided to upload all of my projects (good and not-so-good) to my Flickr account. To show range, I’ve decided to venture as far way from Futurism (and Epcot) as possible. Well mostly. Project Two was almost inescapable.


Click on the Poster to Find out More!

Oh, and while we’re on the subject… With what little time I have, (and thanks to my “Group 5 Access”) I’ve done some digging into some of ENCOM/Epcot’s hidden history and made my first visual discovery from “The Second System.”

COMING NEXT WEEK: Icons in Digital Space

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Reader Comments (2)

Good lord, are you teaching at Full Sail, because the quality of your work astounds me! You rock!

July 29, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterXimagineer

HaHa! Thank You!
No, No, I'm not teaching a Full Sail... I'm attending :) And I just got finished with my Second Month. (Its One course per month with no breaks.) Even though I live close by (almost Lake Buena Vista) Fail Sail's psychical Campus, (in Winter Park) might as well be in Tampa considering my work schedule. So I'm doing things totally Online. I've always been one of those that say "I love Learning and Hate School"... And I'm L-O-V-E Loving the Online. For me its the closest thing downloading the information into your head. It's a very cerebral experience, which is perfect for a half-Vulcan like me.
Although I think you’re kidding, Just Today, I've had some of my fellow students start asking for advice. (Kinda Cool, for a "freshman" like me:) It is Very True that College is better in your 30's. And lately, I've been seriously considering teaching as a professor to be a solid back-up to my far bigger/greater plans.
Even, though I've enjoyed this last one, August will be "Developmental Psychology" and hopefully this class will free up my design-time for E82.

July 30, 2011 | Registered CommenterJoshua L Harris

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