GATHER, STORE, RE-COMBINE - A History of Imagination (Part 4)
Monday, June 13, 2011 at 7:48PM
Joshua L Harris in Captain EO, Dreamfinder, Expositions, Figment, HISTORY, Journey Into Imagination, The Image Works

In PART 4 of our History of Imagination, we’ll go from depths of creative melt-down to a renaissance of classic characters and experiences of today. Then take a speculative trip to the year 2015 and explore the exciting yet realistic possibilities for future Journeys.



Highlights include…

Special Note: Although initially conceived as a history composed in equal lengths, this final installment is larger than Parts 2 & 3 Combined with another ton of information still uncovered! This may be the last segment, but this won’t the last time we’ll Journey into Imagination.





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