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The 234th Anniversary of Golden Dreams


"TOMORROW will be better for as long as America keeps alive the ideals of freedom and a better life… What I will say now is just what most of us are probably thinking every day. I thank GOD and AMERICA for the right to live and raise my family under the flag of Tolerance, Democracy and Freedom."-Walt Disney


America, spread your golden wings
Sail on freedom's wind, across the sky.”




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Reader Comments (5)

Happy 4th everyone!

July 4, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJessica

what a ggreat image, happy fourth, back atcha!

July 5, 2010 | Unregistered Commentermatt

Hello Joshua,

Greetings from about two hours north of Disneyland, on the West Coast. I just discovered your blog, and I am extremely impressed with what you have created. You are an amazing graphic artist and your images are astounding. Your historical articles are well-researched and fascinating, balancing the technical with the artistic very well. I am most impressed by your desire to keep the postings optimistic and positive, but truthful in nature.

I am a fellow EPCOT Baby, born October 7, 1982. Truthfully, I’ve never officially been to EPCOT Center as a theme park, other than riding the monorail loop on a brief visit to the Magic Kingdom. Of course, I am also a believer that all of WDW is E.P.C.O.T. (and that includes Celebration, in my eyes!) My background is also audio production, so your pursuit of the Future World Soundtrack Series is right up my alley and truly, special indeed.

I must admit I share a false nostalgia for the past that is embodied by EPCOT. It’s a challenge to appreciate the past while embracing the future. The spirit of Walt's EPCOT and EPCOT Center does live on in many ways. I finally watched the EPCOT film presented to the Florida Legislature, and I've never seen Walt happier or more excited about any goal. The core ideas and homogeneity of the park is what I long for, albeit artificially.

I just finished re-reading the pre-opening 'Walt Disney's EPCOT Center' coffee table book and found some humbling words. Every pavilion, in both Future World and World Showcase, describes the content as being treated with respect, reverence, and honesty. The optimism of pre-opening EPCOT Center has been unequalled since those gates opened. Also, the only non-EPCOT original reference I found, in the entire book, was a listing for a TRON Arcade in CommuniCore. No Mickey, or anything “Disney.” How times change. ‘Oh tri-prism fountain, where art thou, oh symbol of EPCOT Center?’

Thank you for your hard work, and I look forward to being an eager follower, supporter, and contributor to this blog.

Suspend Your Disbelief,

Geren Piltz
Carpinteria, CA

July 7, 2010 | Unregistered Commentergpiltz

Hey Geren,
I’m really glad that people like you enjoy the work I’m doing. You’re actually hitting on several topics that will be discussed in greater detail later on in this 10 year project. Walt’s EPCOT, the evolution of EPCOT Center and the park’s future is very much on my mind. Now, more than ever, I believe Epcot contains the keys to a harmonious relationship with our planet and each other and the technologies we create.
“False Nostalgia”? Maybe, but I would have to know what the definition is first. I think the human race is very Nostalgic (that’s why Disneyland works so well and California Venture didn’t). I’m extremely nostalgic, but also firmly committed to the future. Ben Franklin is in my head right now saying things about “Not wearing rose-tinted glasses” and “The golden age never being the present one.” I would Never want to return the park its EPCOT Center days… I would want it to be much better than that!
I did have the lucky pleasure of walking through EPCOT Center many times. I can’t remember much about my first trip (I was only 5), but I remember it has ALWAYS been my favorite theme park. I think that the architecture with its clean simplified forms and the overtly optimistic music is what is what attracted very young children to the original park in the first place. (So much for the “more adult park”) More important than anything is I remember how EPCOT made me feel; The future was wonderful, exciting, beautiful and just around the corner and best part- It belongs to Tomorrow’s Child (which for the moment included ME)!
Thank You for the encouragement,
In many ways, I feel like the creators of LOST during the first season of the show.
(You’ve only seen a very small part of what E82 will become!)

July 8, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJoshua L Harris


I am encouraged, motivated, and excited by what you shared. I think it is extremely forward thinking of you to appreciate E.P.C.O.T & EPCOT Center’s past, but to be open to Epcot’s future. I very much look forward to spending time there as an adult in the not-too-distant future, with any luck, and creating true memories of the place as it stands. It sure is fun to dream of what might be next. As a fan of the old Disney Development Company, it’s fascinating to see different Disney leaders put the land to use in a variety of ways. I’ve been a choir member of Disneyland’s Candlelight Processional for 12 years now (wow, has it been that long?!) and had a chance to sit next to D23/Disney Archive’s Becky Cline last year. Even she was surprised to hear the DDC reference. Again, thank you for your hard work, and it has already been a treat to experience the deep and powerful audio story told by your Imagination compilation. When I close my eyes, I feel like I’ve been to the pavilion before, and it’s a great feeling. I continue to be truly amazed by how wonderfully unique and full of foresight your perspective is!


July 9, 2010 | Unregistered Commentergpiltz

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