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Ask and You Shall Receive

Viewer Discretion Advised
The following post contains personal views and beliefs and is intended for mature intellects only.

I am consistently amazed with the perfect timing of God.  For E82, I’m always on the hunt for (or designing) assets that won’t be used for several years. I’m already collecting images and resources for projects that won’t begin until several years from now.

When I started the Vista Series, I was influenced by a great many things. To spite the common placement, I love the abstract light patterns and nebula like backgrounds of Apple and Windows and would love to take them further. Closer to home I have always been impressed with the clean simple lines of early EPCOT Center guide maps and especially with the line art of Horizons.

This got me to thinking: wouldn’t it be neat if ALL Future World pavilions had similar architectural icons!? Thus I started designing with the same structure as the Soundtrack Series. First Imagination, then Energy, The Land, Wonders of Life and in a surge of patriotism went ahead on a 17-hour tear that became the American Adventure.

Horizons was quickly approaching and initially I thought that I’d use the icon that started it all. But things rarely stay simple in my world. After a few pavilions were completed I knew that my original plan was not going to work. The design of the pavilions have a style of their own and the original Horizons gem/spaceship logo just wasn’t going to fit-in. 

With all of these line-art pieces I would/will stylize the pavilions, BUT I always want them to be based in accurate proportions. (You wouldn’t want to see Spaceship Earth with oversized legs would you?) In order to do that, the best method is to use blueprints to overlay the design on.

For a period of years I looked for a High-Res scan of the building’s West elevation and found nothing. I don’t use ebay, and even my … official … sources couldn’t help. (I guess if you tear down a building it automatically becomes useless to have its blueprints on download.)  All this until a couple weeks ago when a friend of E82, Widen Your World posted this preview on Facebook…. 

Not about to wait for the article, I contacted WYW, and he generiously sent me the High-res Scan of Page A-300 of Horizons. Thank you Jesus! (and Mike too :) 

Keep reading JLH Omnimedia for project progress reports! Horizons design should go rather quickly and will be first unveiled here before being upstaged by all the pretty colors of the Vista Series.

Reader Comments (2)

How exciting, I've been waiting for this one!!

January 19, 2012 | Unregistered Commentermatt

Joshua please email me at lxs19@hotmail.com I have a question and request. Thanks !

March 19, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterL

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