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“It takes a lot of Money to make these Dreams Come True”

– Walt Disney

Whenever my affinity for Epcot is revealed it is usually met with a genuinely perplexing question:

“Why Epcot!?” 

I believe there is a place where human achievements and diversity are celebrated in a magnificent vision of the future. Epcot is the once and future representation of that dream. The E82 Project exists for this reason – to pay tribute to the bold visions of past and to influence the evolution of the park by providing inspiration for its future.

In order to insure the project’s success, it must be self-sustaining -
for that I need YOU.

If you wish to help The E82 Project in its evolution, please support the site by making a donation. Your generosity will ensure that E82 will thrive now and into the future.



What does your donation go towards?

Your donations go directly to Squarespace.com hosting, and domain fees. Any additional funds go towards research & development for future E82 products.

Individuals who give $30 per year to the project will receive access to the Legacy Lounge in thanks for their contribution.