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A Journey Re-imagined 

Inspired by the opening animation sequence in the original Journey, this modern reinterpretation depicts the accurately renamed “Sparkcatcher” in silhouette floating through an infinite cloudscape.

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Designer’s Note: This image is one that has taken years to “perfect” and is still in no way perfect. In the process, there have been several generations of this concept. This is the just one of many design permeations and hopefully I may now abandon with the least degree of regret.


At the last minute, I decided to incorporate a “hidden” image. The first person to find this detail and reveal its significance will receive an exclusive preview of an upcoming project!


GATHER, STORE, RE-COMBINE - A History of Imagination (Part 4)

In PART 4 of our History of Imagination, we’ll go from depths of creative melt-down to a renaissance of classic characters and experiences of today. Then take a speculative trip to the year 2015 and explore the exciting yet realistic possibilities for future Journeys.



Highlights include…

  • A Commentary for the New Millennium
  • The Wonders of “Guerilla Imagineering”
  • A Full Character Analysis of Figment
  • The Hidden History of The Image Works
  • Captain EO Revisited
  • E82 and “the Quest for Dreamfinder”
  • The Enduring Legacy of Imagination

Special Note: Although initially conceived as a history composed in equal lengths, this final installment is larger than Parts 2 & 3 Combined with another ton of information still uncovered! This may be the last segment, but this won’t the last time we’ll Journey into Imagination.






A Completed Journey

2 Years of Exhaustive Research
7 Very Different Attractions
Over 30 Years of History
50 Footnotes
20 Pages
21,199 Words

Have led to this moment.





The Journey Concludes

6 . 13 . 11


E82 U

Wow, this maybe the longest stretch without any new material to date! But, most assuredly it hasn’t been because I have haven’t been working. For the past month, I’ve been gearing-up for a return to school. Apparently, there are several people out there that believe that I just might be artistically inclined. As such, I’ve chosen (what I believe to be) the best college in the field. Full Sail University has an amazing Online Education program and an even better track record in creating multi-award winning creative professionals. I’m currently pursuing a Bachelors of Science Degree in Graphic Design. And (if all goes well) I should be done in 29 months.

But what does all this mean for E82?

Well, I believe that this (very young) website has the potential to become something truly special and maybe, just maybe, influence a change in the way we not only treat Epcot, the park but also help eliminate the Retro in Retro Futurism. There is still a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow… YES even in Today’s technology inundated era. Among other things, I believe the challenge of Tomorrow is no longer technological, if the last 30 years have proved anything it’s that “We Can Do It.” But now that we’re super-connected with mini-computers in palm of hand what do we do now? Well I think the biggest frontier of this century will be moving from Information and Data to one of Wisdom, Maturity, and Responsibility. These are all lesions I have learned from EPCOT Center, and insights I hope to continue to share with you for a long, long time. In short, E82 is also My Legacy.

After completing my first week’s assignments in two days and with an extra day off for classes each week, I feel quite positive that E82 will continue at a fair pace. So it is my hope that as I continue my intellectual evolution, E82 will continue its evolution as well.


Coming Next Week

The completion of GATHER, STORE, RE-COMBINE with our Epic Length Final Chapter: “Returns, Tributes, and Beyond”!                  



VISTA SERIES – Growing Light

Rising from the earth, the futuristic greenhouse of The Land is encircled by growing light beams glowing in grass green and sun yellow signifying the symbiosis created by photosynthesis.

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Designer’s Note: Creating these backgrounds is sometimes done in silence but more often is accompanied by music. In almost every case, the music played has nothing to do with the subject matter, but in this case I realized just how much The Land looks like the Devil’s Tower featured in Close Encounters while listening to its score. The film came out 1977 and The Land was designed shortly after its release so one can help but wonder if the film’s climatic location served as the direct inspiration for the pavilion. What Do You Think?