Entrance Plaza


E82 Apparel

E82 Brings You a full collection of sophisticatedly subtle styles featuring some of our most popular programs and projects. Support E82 today by sporting our designs! . . . 

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Signals for the Information Age

Have you ever been late to your grandson's holographic birthday? 
Waiting for that special Spark of communication?  
Or just want to be notified in a wonderfully Retro Futuristic way.     
Introducing E82 RINGTONES 
. . . 

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E82 at Home

When one considers the elegance of their design and their high-frequency of return it should come as no surprise there are many die hard theme park aficionados that wish they could live in one.   . . . 

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EPCOT Center Logo Collection

One of the most highly coveted assets of The E82 Project is now available to YOU.

The EPCOT Center Logo Collection is the culmination of over two years of painstaking work to create the most mathematically perfect vectorizations of the park’s original pavilion iconography.  . . . 

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