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Are You 82? 

E82 is Dedicated to the Preservation, Celebration and Restoration of EPCOT's Original Philosophy: That with Imagination, Commitment, and Dedication We Can Create a New Tomorrow! The E82 Project is a ten-year endeavor, created with the specific purpose of re-vitalizing the concepts, philosophies, and goals brought forth by the original creators of EPCOT Center. E82 is divided into four pillars - Music, Art, History and Legacy.






The foundation of E82 has always been a distinctive element of Music. This realm is focused on providing the best “listening experiences” possible with the highest quality available. In many cases, the original material is restored, re-mastered, re-mixed (or all the above) creating some of the most professional and unique compilations to be found across the digital frontier.










The most unique of all E82’s offerings, ART focuses on original compositions based on classical visions of tomorrow. Computer backgrounds, Posters, Cover Art, and Merchandise items all contribute to a signature style that is (what could be called) “Clean-Retro” which is at times vintage mostly futuristic and always optimistic.










"Where Have We Come From, Where Are We Going?

The Answers Begin In Our Past." – Ray Bradbury

(Spaceship Earth, Original 1982 Script) 

Drawing from almost two decades of scholarly research and expertise, History, explores the wonderful, dynamic and (at times) controversial 45-year history of the EPCOT concept. In addition to detailing the creation, development and evolution of Epcot, this segment of the E82 provides historical context and insight into the various decisive events in the concepts’ history.








The original purpose of EPCOT City was to provide "a showcase to the world of the ingenuity and imagination of American free enterprise”. EPCOT Center’s original mission was to “Entertain, Inform, and Inspire.” It is these two statements that are at the core of E82’s vision. EPCOT was never meant to be a utopian island. The ultimate objectives of these two very different concepts were to provide “new solutions” to the problems and ailments that plague our nation and our planet. In this section, E82 will explore the ways that each of us can “Live the Legacy” of EPCOT. Whether it’s igniting our creative minds to promote our own health or utilizing our combined talents to develop renewable energies to promote world stability, EPCOT still has so much to teach us about “ourselves each other and the planet we share”.



The Icons or logos of any product, establishment, or company are, in many ways, forever linked to the identity of that entity. There are two types of logos- the textual, and the symbolic. The textual is the most common. These are created purely from alphabetic linkages and/or configurations. Exxon is a prime example. It’s Double-linked “X s” are aesthetically pleasing but have no fundamental meaning. The symbolic logo is rarer and often is used to convey ideas, philosophies, or concepts for which the entity represents. Logos like the one used for United Nations perfectly illustrates its purpose- the countries of the world encircled by olive branches. The logo literally means: world peace! Ever since the creation of Disneyland, proper logo creation has been extremely important to define the meaning of our parks. In Disneyland’s case, it means: a magic kingdom. In the case of Walt Disney World it’s meant to convey the vastness of the property with Mickey as its mascot and Disney in benevolent control. In the case of EPCOT Center, the logo not only represents the meaning of the park, but portrays the larger abstract concepts that are at the heart of the park’s message. In a short memo, Marty Skylar was asked to describe the meaning of this truly beautiful symbol…

"The EPCOT Center Logo is a graphic representation of the park’s philosophy. It symbolizes unity, fellowship and harmony around the world. The five outer rings form the shape of a flower – a celebration of life. The heart of the logo is Earth embraced by a star, symbolizing hope – the hope that with imagination, commitment, and dedication we can create a new tomorrow."

The E82 Icon and Insignia have been designed to reflect its purpose in much in the same way…


T H E  E82  I C O N

The E82 Icon exemplifies the philosophy of E82- the Celebration of Past Futures and the Legacy of Tomorrow. The original concept for Walt Disney’s Community of Tomorrow is represented by the radial spokes of the WEDway Peoplemover coming together to form the EPCOT Center Logo. Paying tribute to the Legacy of EPCOT Center’s original form, the Tri-prism Fountain serves as the centerpiece with the Legacy Sculptures on the sides- cradling majestic Spaceship Earth, they stand in tribute to the great big beautiful tomorrows ahead.













T H E  E82  I N S I G I N A

The five ringed symbol of EPCOT Center surrounded by the radials the WEDway Peoplemover System from Walt Disney’s vision of EPCOT City studded with logos from the original 10 pavilions.